Melotte: a leading partner in 3D metal printing

16 Nov 2020

More than 13 years ago, Melotte became a pioneer in 3D metal printing with the printing of dental protheses. Following this, Melotte also started printing frames for glasses and even jewelry. Today, we mainly focus on the 3D printing of industrial parts, such as flow reactors, filter components, machine parts, etc. Melotte uses the same finishing technologies on 3D printed parts as the ones that are used for conventional products in order to reach the required tolerances and the final look.  

What are the benefits of 3D metal printing?   

3D metal printing at an industrial, creative, dental, or medical level brings a lot of benefits that conventional manufacturing methods simply cannot offer. This is because:  

  • New structures and shapes involve product complexity with specific design features, optimal function integration, and the reduction of assembly requirements.   
  • Complex components are proving to be lighter, stronger, more durable, and they have a higher structural integrity.   
  • Products can be personalized according to individual customer needs and this involves no additional cost.  
  • A reduction in warehouse storage and related costs can be realized.   
  • Less of a negative impact on the environment as less material is used and less waste is produced.  

Discover more about 3D metal printing at Melotte in this video which shows the manufacturing process of a micro flow reactor. This is a device in which chemical reactions take place. The customer developed the design of the flow reactor, while Melotte was responsible for the preparation of the file for 3D printing, the 3D metal printing itself, and the high precision manufacturing afterwards. Thanks to the combination of 3D metal printing and high precision manufacturing, Melotte is able to offer its customers the highest possible levels of accuracy.   

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