DDM building

Who are we?

Melotte is a supplier specialized in the manufacturing of high precision parts, with complex shapes, in special materials and small quantities. Production uses both classical methods such as turning, milling, grinding and spark erosion as innovative 3D metal printing techniques.

Some history

In 1965, the Melotte brothers started the company “Jozef Melotte and Son”  in Zonhoven in the garage of their parents. They specialized in mold construction and the production of precision components. In April 1970, the PVBA “Melotte Matrijzenbouw” was founded. At that time the company had about ten employees, a number that grew rapidly. Around the  eighties Melotte employed more than forty people.

The rapid growth of the number of employees and the machinery forced the Melotte brothers in 1979 to build a new industrial complex on the Zonhoven industrial estate.

In 1988 it was decided to introduce a partner who could give the company a new impetus. The choice fell on Picanol NV, established in Ypres. This company has about 2000 employees and specializes in the production of looms. Also in 1988, in the context of this participation, a training center was started in which young employees further trained themselves in the craftsmanship of  mold making.

In 1990, Melotte Matrijzenbouw became a subsidiary of the Picanol Group.

In 2007, Melotte started as one of the first companies in the Benelux with 3D metal printing.