Available Technologies @Melotte

Melotte has a wide range of technologies at its disposal:

  • 3D Metal Printing: We have different selective laser melting machines available with a maximum build volume of 300 mm x 300 mm x 300 mm
  • Milling: We have different, mainly 5-axis milling machines (Hermle, Yasda, Ibarmia) available.
  • Turning: We have different lathes available (Schaublin, Mazak, Okuma).
  • EDM: We have wire erosion machines and die sinking machines available.
  • Grinding: We have surface grinding machines, cylindrical grinding machines and coordinate grinding machines at our disposal.
  • Assembly: We have a team of fitters who will deburr, polish and microblast parts. Assembly and adjusting molds is also one of our specialities.
  • Metrology: We have a coordinate measuring machine (DEA) and a GOM scanner available

If you want to know more in detail which technologies we have available, you can download the list of available machines here.