Tooling and molds

Melotte, a specialist in tool- and mold making

Initially, Melotte started as a mold and tool maker. Melotte also had its own training center where new employees further trained themselves in the craftsmanship of mold making. Due to the shift of this type of work to low wage countries like China, there was a shift from the making of new molds to the revision and maintenance of molds.


Pfizer matrijs
snijstempel Pfizer

Manufacturing of tooling and cutting molds

Initially, Melotte started as a mold and tool maker, from design to manufacturing. Today our expertise lies more in the manufacturing of moulds and dies. Mainly press molds, blow molds and cutting molds for the packaging industry.


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Revision and maintenance of molds

Carrying out a revision or maintenance of your mold is important to ensure that your mold continues to work properly and production quality is maintained. Our mold and tool makers disassemble, overhaul and assemble a wide range of molds so that they can be used optimally in production again. When a mold arrives from the customer, it is completely disassembled in the workshop. Certain parts are adjusted or replaced based on customer demand and specifications. All this is done in close consultation with the customer, we always ensure correct feedback.