Melotte has contributed to creating a new solar car for the Agoria Solar Team. This team consists of 20 engineering students from the KU Leuven University who are looking to build the most efficient solar car.
As part of our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint, Melotte aims at cutting the number of car commuters among our employees.
Coordinate grinding is a grinding technology in which a grinding pin is rotated at very high speeds (e.g. 60,000 rpm) while the pin performs a rising and falling motion.
Aerospace Propulsion Products, which is a subsidiary of ArianeGroup, develops and manufactures ignition systems for space launchers. These launchers are invaluable not only for science but also for our daily lives.
At Melotte, we strive to be the most reliable partner for our customers.
Melotte has recently launched a training course on “Design for additive manufacturing”, in which product design is reconsidered from the point of view of the capabilities of 3D metal printing.